The connect program gives your business the opportunity to build residual exposure quickly.  More than 85% of all searches are now happening on a mobile device.  Having a responsive website is critical to being available when your potential clients start searching.

“As we noted earlier this year, today’s the day we begin globally rolling out our mobile-friendly update. We’re boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Now searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.”Google Web Master Blog, April 21st 2015

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How does it work?


We will consult with your business to determine the opportunities. We will then develop a strategy for your web design and localized top of mind marketing, branding and exposure. Working in tandem, your business will get the localized boost you need utilizing the power of visual and audio mediums.

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How many Pages do I get?

This program includes a 5 page website which is typically plenty of site room for most businesses and will allow you to have critical information about your business and the visual exposure that will feel is important in getting started.  We can help guide you through that process.


What if need more than 5 pages?

If your business is in need of more than five pages for your site, we can consult with you.


How long does it take for my site to get built?

Generally, we will have a first view of your website developed within two to three weeks.


I already have a website?

We can conduct an analysis to determine mobile readiness and perform a complimentary SEO check of your site.


Can you just build me a site?

Yes, we will be happy to develop an estimate for a stand-alone website.


I just need a website, without supporting Marketing.

We understand that web presence is necessary for all businesses.  Building a following can be achieved with web presence alone, but it does take time.  By combining a consistent flow of audio messaging….we can help expedite your presence beginning at the local market level, which will help expedite your online presence.


Our business is not in a typical marketing category.  Can you just make our site mobile ready?

Yes, we can give you an estimate on what is would take to get your website mobile ready


Can I see some site examples?

Yes, we have website examples at our “recent projects page”



Content is key.  Constant updates, information textual and visual including video when possible, help to get your site notice.

Be relevant to your core customers.  Don’t work about being everything to everybody.

Be unique.  Your business should be representative of you.  Your website and messaging should also express that.

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Recent Connect Projects


  • Arago Community Church

    Arago Community Church

  • TLC Cleaning Services

    TLC Cleaning Services

  • Ash Painting

    Ash Painting

  • McKinleyville Animal Care Center

    McKinleyville Animal Care Center

  • Advanced Property Management

    Advanced Property Management

  • Glas Guy

    Glas Guy

  • Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant

    Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant

  • Englewood Automotive

    Englewood Automotive

  • SeaTac Minimum Wage Lawsuit

    SeaTac Minimum Wage Lawsuit

  • Swanson Gardner Meyers

    Swanson Gardner Meyers

  • South Coast Taxi

    South Coast Taxi

  • Mumbly Peg

    Mumbly Peg

  • Medford Mortgages

    Medford Mortgages

  • Spruce Street Bar and Grill

    Spruce Street Bar and Grill

  • Help at Home Senior Services

    Help at Home Senior Services

  • Restore Appliances

    Restore Appliances

  • Professional Roof Maintenance

    Professional Roof Maintenance

  • Jacksonville Oktoberfest

    Jacksonville Oktoberfest

  • Mid Columbia Propane

    Mid Columbia Propane

  • Oregon Satellite

    Oregon Satellite

  • NorCal Powder Coating

    NorCal Powder Coating

  • S&N Custom Fabrication

    S&N Custom Fabrication

  • Myrtle Veterinary Hospital Groomers

    Myrtle Veterinary Hospital Groomers

  • Del Norte Child Care Council

    Del Norte Child Care Council

  • Eli’s Paver Patios

    Eli’s Paver Patios

  • Miller’s at the Cove

    Miller’s at the Cove

  • The Print Shop

    The Print Shop

  • Shinglehouse Auto & Salvage

    Shinglehouse Auto & Salvage

  • Northwest Tall Tale Challenge

    Northwest Tall Tale Challenge

  • The Denture Specialist

    The Denture Specialist

  • South Side Choppers

    South Side Choppers

  • Oakwood Haven Adult Family Home

    Oakwood Haven Adult Family Home

  • Lende’s Auto Detailing

    Lende’s Auto Detailing

  • La Cabaña

    La Cabaña

  • Hight Tide Vapes

    Hight Tide Vapes

  • The Gorge Granite Works

    The Gorge Granite Works

  • Goebel Septic

    Goebel Septic

  • Fairway Center

    Fairway Center

  • Dress 2 Impress

    Dress 2 Impress

  • Del Norte Tire

    Del Norte Tire

  • Coos Bay Roto Rooter

    Coos Bay Roto Rooter

  • Centerstage Construction

    Centerstage Construction

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